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Workers healthcare costs American employers half a trillion dollars a year.

A recent Forbes Research revealed that U.S employers lose half a trillion dollars a year due to health-related workplace issues! This is the direct result of lost productivity, worker absence, and impaired performance.

When considering workplace injuries, most people immediately think about terrible accidents or inhaling toxic fumes that can lead to diseases such as cancer.

In reality, much more common are work-related injuries that are the result of repetitive work activities such as the prolonged use of hand or wrists in awkward postures as is the case with operating machinery and on manufacturing lines.


Research suggests, that in the U.S alone between 3 and 6 % of the population is affected by CTS and is one of the major causes of work-related injury and lost work time.

The good news is, that the technology is already out there to minimize these risks in most common workplace scenarios.

How does it work ?

Consider your employee presses a mechanical operating button 480 times a day on average. The force required to press the button once equates to 8 Newton per touch or 3,840 newton a day. Converted, this amounts to 720 lbs a day that one worker pushes with his fingers or wrist.

Now imagine, that each physical push could be replaced by a simple touch that requires zero-force!

Sensor technology has made advancements over the years and so should you. Replace your mechanical buttons and create a workplace environment that prevents your employees from developing CTS.

Make a difference to your employees now...

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