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CAPTRON CANEO Series 10 - how to program the capacitive sensor switch using IO-link programmed interface


By Philip Oh | July 7, 2021

Program the series10 capacitive sensor switch with multiple configuration options using IO-Link interface.

Product Explained: series4X Combined LED Display and Programmable sensorSWITCH

By Mathias Krostewitz | January 26, 2021

Capacitive sensor switches are deployed in many industrial automation environments providing effective, reliable and durable switching capability. The switches are often used for simple functions such as to start and stop a cycle within a production process. They have evolved with many different models, materials, connection types, fitting types, installation depths and specific standards and…

Product Explained: A Truly Programmable Smart sensorSWITCH

By Mathias Krostewitz | December 9, 2020

Capacitive switches provide many benefits in control systems for industrial automation and process engineering as described in a previous article.  But the biggest challenge today is when switches in-situ perform only the specific functions they are designed for and can’t easily be adapted when a production line needs to be repurposed or modified in order…

Technology explained: The different types of warehouse order picking systems

By Mathias Krostewitz | March 23, 2020

Order picking is central to any thriving e-commerce and retail businesses and is the backbone of successful order fulfillment operations. Accounting for over 50% of fulfillment center operations and 55% of warehouse operating costs, order picking is arguably the most important activity in fulfillment centers, so an effective order picking system is crucial. There are…

Technology explained: The different types of warehouse order picking technologies

By Mathias Krostewitz | March 13, 2020

Pick-By-Light Systems Pick to light is a type of order-fulfillment technology designed to improve picking accuracy and efficiency, while simultaneously lowering labor costs. Notably, pick to light is paperless; it employs alphanumeric displays and buttons at storage locations, to guide your employees in light-aided manual picking, putting, sorting, and assembling. Pick-By-Vision Systems Pick-by-Vision is another…

Product Application: Capacitive Technology for Food and Beverage Industry

By Mathias Krostewitz | November 24, 2020

How do you maintain uptime in a production line that faces extreme heat, extreme cold, all kinds of oils, fats, liquids and messy ingredients? This is exactly the challenge in the food and beverage processing and packaging industry, and the key to addressing the challenge is to have robust equipment and components to withstand the…

Product Application: Using CAPTRON Sensors in Automotive Manufacturing

By Mathias Krostewitz | November 12, 2020

In this article, we’ll outline SENSORswitch technology which plays a role in ensuring reliable production line operation and uptime for manufacturers.
Industrial automation is now quite the commonplace in factories for all kinds of production processes. It helps improve productivity by automating a variety of tasks and reduce costs, hence improving efficiency. In addition, the use of machines and robotics to replace humans performing those tasks can also improve accuracy.

Product Application: Capacitive Buttons for Traffic & Transport

By Mathias Krostewitz | October 6, 2020

Operators and designers of public transport systems such as railways and buses are becoming increasingly driven by three important issues: the need for reliability of equipment, being environmentally friendly, and ensuring passenger safety, especially in the age of Covid-19 and beyond. Before addressing reliability, the environment has become one of the number one concerns of…

Technology Explained: Pick-to-Light Systems

By Mathias Krostewitz | September 17, 2020

Fast and efficient online order fulfilment has become a key part of the success of marketplaces as well as many other e-commerce stores. As part of warehouse automation, there are systems that help streamline and speed up the process of locating and picking all the products that form a customer order, putting them in a…

Products Explained: Understanding Optical/Fork Sensors in Robotics/TCP (Tool Center Point)

By Mathias Krostewitz | September 1, 2020

A key benefit of robotics and automation in industrial environments is the ability to improve throughput and efficiency. To enable this, it is necessary to have a scalable, repeatable and accurate method for detecting objects and making accurate measurements to locate those objects. Fork sensors are a simple way of making these measurements. They operate…