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Welcome to our industrial automation survey

  • This survey is intended to understand the decision making factors on the use of industrial automation products or solutions for you, your company and/or your customers.
  • All questions are focused on the research as well as the decision-making and purchasing process of your products and solutions.
  • Unless you join our lucky draw, this survey is entirely anonymous!
  • If you choose to join our lucky draw at the end of this survey, your data will be used for the sole purpose of the eligibility and award of our prize.
  • You can win one of 10 Apple and/or Amazon Gift Cards with an individual value of $500 USD each. In case you decide to have both git cards, the value will be split into 250 US$ each card. The winner will be drawn 3-4 days after this survey ends and all participants will be informed by email.
  • This survey will end on April 1st 11am Eastern Time.

If you are having trouble completing the survey on this page, you may click on the button below.