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Fork Light Barrier Sensor

  • Fork Light Barrier LASER
  • Object detection of nonmetallic
  • One-way Light barrier (transmitter, receiver)
  • Special variants on costumer request


Supply voltage 10…30V DC
Load current Max. 400 mA, short-circuit protection
Output PNP-NO
Optical feedback LED yellow
Voltage drop Max. 2.5 V at 200 mA
Current consumption Max. 60mA
Operating temperature C -10°C…+60°C
IP protection level IP65
Laser light Red light, 650 nm, class 2
Switching frequency 10 kHz
Resolution 0.05 mm
Reproducibility 0.01 mm
Switching hysteresis Max. 0.02 mm
Housing material Aluminium (AL)


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  • Reliable object detection
    Metallic and non-metallic objects
  • High switching frequency
    max. 10 kHz
  • High resolution
    of 0.05 mm (50 μm)
  • Settings
    Light/dark switching and sensitivity
  • Robust metal housing
    Degree of protection IP 65
  • High reproducibility
    of 0.01 mm (10 μm)

Additional information

Fork Model

Self-Cleaning (AIR), Standard

Fork Width

120.00mm (4.72"), 20.00mm (0.79"), 220.00mm (8.66"), 30.00mm (1.18"), 50.00mm (1.97"), 80.00mm (3.15")

Fork Depth

105.00mm (4.13"), 112.50mm (4.43"), 145.00mm (5.71"), 200.00mm (7.87"), 35.00mm (1.38"), 55.00mm (2.17"), 62.50mm (2.46"), 80.00mm (3.15"), 82.50mm (3.25")