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CHT3-F (Front Plate)

StrandsStrandsStrands AMP 4-PinAMP 4-PinConnector Amp (4 Pin)JST 5-PinJST 5-PinJST 5-PinM12 5-PinM12 5-PinM12 Male Connection (5 Pin)M8 4-PinM8 4-PinM8 Male Connector (4 Pin)
Acoustic Feedback: Signal ToneAcoustic Feedback: Signal ToneAcoustic feedback: signal toneTactile Feedback: VibrationTactile Feedback: VibrationTactile feedback: vibration
SS204 - Power OFFSS204 - Power OFFPower OFF Symbol "204"SS205 - Power ONSS205 - Power ONPower ON Symbol "205" SS24 - Door OpenSS24 - Door OpenDoor Open Symbol "24"SS30 - No SymbolSS30 - No SymbolNo Symbol "30" SS31 - SOSSS31 - SOSSOS Symbol "31" SS32 - InfoSS32 - InfoInfo Symbol "32" SS34 - Red BackgroundSS34 - Red BackgroundRed Background Symbol "34" SS41 - StartSS41 - StartStart Symbol with CAPTRON green background "41"SS42 - STOPSS42 - STOPSTOP Symbol "42" SS43 - Wheelchair and Baby StrollerSS43 - Wheelchair and Baby StrollerWheelchair and Baby Stroller Symbol "43" SS45 - Wheelchair, Baby Stroller, and Door OpenSS45 - Wheelchair, Baby Stroller, and Door OpenWheelchair, Baby Stroller, and Door Open Symbol "45" SS60 - Yellow BackgroundSS60 - Yellow BackgroundYellow Background Symbol "60" SS61 - CAPTRON Green BackgroundSS61 - CAPTRON Green BackgroundCAPTRON Green Background Symbol "61" SS66 - Red Door OpenSS66 - Red Door OpenRed Door Open Symbol "66" SS67 - CAPTRON Green Door OpenSS67 - CAPTRON Green Door OpenCAPTRON Green Door Open Symbol "67" SS69 - Blue BackgroundSS69 - Blue BackgroundBlue Background Symbol "69" SS73 - Wheelchair and Baby StrollerSS73 - Wheelchair and Baby StrollerWheelchair and Baby Stroller Symbol "73" SS83 - Door OpenSS83 - Door OpenBlack Door Open Symbol "83"SSH - HandSSH - HandHand symbol "H" SSK - Baby StrollerSSK - Baby StrollerBaby Stroller Symbol "R" SSR - WheelchairSSR - WheelchairWheelchair Symbol "R"


Supply voltage 24V DC
110V DC (optional)
Output signal approx. 300 ms (dynamic)
Optical feedback 16 LEDs Alternating (max. 2 colors)
Tactile feedback Vibration
Acoustic feedback Signal Tone (optional)
Mounting method Screw Mounting
Connection Cable + AMP 6,3
Output PNP
Operating temperature -22°F… 176 °F (dynamic)
32°F… 131°F (static)
Housing material Polycarbonate (PC)
Switch surface material Polycarbonate (PC)


Additional information

Weight 3.8 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 3.5 in
Switching Output


Switch Function

Maintained signal (signal duration = touch), momentary (300ms per touch)


Strands, AMP 4-Pin, JST 5-Pin, M12 5-Pin, M8 4-Pin

LED Function

Manual (LED1 & LED2), Semi-Automatic (LED 1)


Acoustic Feedback: Signal Tone, Tactile Feedback: Vibration


SS204 – Power OFF, SS205 – Power ON, SS24 – Door Open, SS30 – No Symbol, SS31 – SOS, SS32 – Info, SS34 – Red Background, SS41 – Start, SS42 – STOP, SS43 – Wheelchair and Baby Stroller, SS45 – Wheelchair, Baby Stroller, and Door Open, SS60 – Yellow Background, SS61 – CAPTRON Green Background, SS66 – Red Door Open, SS67 – CAPTRON Green Door Open, SS69 – Blue Background, SS73 – Wheelchair and Baby Stroller, SS83 – Door Open, SSH – Hand, SSK – Baby Stroller, SSR – Wheelchair


Stress Test Video V2