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CHT1 Standard

momentary (300ms per touch)momentary (300ms per touch)momentary (300ms per touch)
StrandsStrandsStrands Flying LeadsFlying LeadsFlying Leadscable + M12cable + M12cable + M12JST 5-PinJST 5-PinJST 5-PinM8 4-PinM8 4-PinM8 Male Connector (4 Pin) Terminal BlockTerminal BlockTerminal Block
SS204 - Power OFFSS204 - Power OFFPower OFF Symbol "204"SS205 - Power ONSS205 - Power ONPower ON Symbol "205" SS24 - Door OpenSS24 - Door OpenDoor Open Symbol "24"SS25 - EINSS25 - EINEIN Symbol "25" SS26 - AUSSS26 - AUSAUS Symbol "26" SS28 - ResetSS28 - ResetReset Symbol "28" SS29 - StartSS29 - StartStart Symbol "29" SS30 - No SymbolSS30 - No SymbolNo Symbol "30" SS34 - Red BackgroundSS34 - Red BackgroundRed Background Symbol "34" SS35 - SOS White BackgroundSS35 - SOS White BackgroundSOS White Background Symbol "35" SS43 - Wheelchair and Baby StrollerSS43 - Wheelchair and Baby StrollerWheelchair and Baby Stroller Symbol "43" SS45 - Wheelchair, Baby Stroller, and Door OpenSS45 - Wheelchair, Baby Stroller, and Door OpenWheelchair, Baby Stroller, and Door Open Symbol "45" SS60 - Yellow BackgroundSS60 - Yellow BackgroundYellow Background Symbol "60" SS61 - CAPTRON Green BackgroundSS61 - CAPTRON Green BackgroundCAPTRON Green Background Symbol "61" SS64 - Start/StopSS64 - Start/StopStart/Stop Symbol "64" SS66 - Red Door OpenSS66 - Red Door OpenRed Door Open Symbol "66" SS67 - CAPTRON Green Door OpenSS67 - CAPTRON Green Door OpenCAPTRON Green Door Open Symbol "67" SS69 - Blue BackgroundSS69 - Blue BackgroundBlue Background Symbol "69" SS73 - Wheelchair and Baby StrollerSS73 - Wheelchair and Baby StrollerWheelchair and Baby Stroller Symbol "73" SS83 - Door OpenSS83 - Door OpenBlack Door Open Symbol "83"SS84 - STOPSS84 - STOPRed Stop Symbol "84" SS88 - N.i.O.SS88 - N.i.O.N.i.O. Symbol "88"SS89 - i.O.SS89 - i.O.i.O. Symbol "89" SSH - HandSSH - HandHand symbol "H" SSK - Baby StrollerSSK - Baby StrollerBaby Stroller Symbol "R" SSR - WheelchairSSR - WheelchairWheelchair Symbol "R"


Supply voltage 10…30V DC
Output signal approx. 300 ms (dynamic)
Optical feedback 1 LED Ring Offering 2 Colors
Mounting method Knurled nut M18x1
Front Panel
Connection M8
Cable + M12
Terminal block
Output PNP-NO
Relay (optional)
Operating temperature -30°C…+70°C
Housing material Aluminium (AL)
Stainless Steel
Switch surface material Polycarbonate (PC)


Additional information

Housing Material

Aluminium (anodized), Aluminium (black anodized)

Switching Output

PNP – Transistor

Switch Function

momentary (300ms per touch)


Strands, Flying Leads, cable + M12, JST 5-Pin, M8 4-Pin, Terminal Block

LED Color Idle-State (Pre-Press)

Green, Red

LED Color activated state (Post-Press)

Green, Red


SS204 – Power OFF, SS205 – Power ON, SS24 – Door Open, SS25 – EIN, SS26 – AUS, SS28 – Reset, SS29 – Start, SS30 – No Symbol, SS34 – Red Background, SS35 – SOS White Background, SS43 – Wheelchair and Baby Stroller, SS45 – Wheelchair, Baby Stroller, and Door Open, SS60 – Yellow Background, SS61 – CAPTRON Green Background, SS64 – Start/Stop, SS66 – Red Door Open, SS67 – CAPTRON Green Door Open, SS69 – Blue Background, SS73 – Wheelchair and Baby Stroller, SS83 – Door Open, SS84 – STOP, SS88 – N.i.O., SS89 – i.O., SSH – Hand, SSK – Baby Stroller, SSR – Wheelchair

LED Function

Automatic, Manual (LED1 & LED2), Semi-Automatic (LED 1)

Hole Pattern

⌀22.5mm (0.89")

Mounting Type

Surface Mounting

Product Size

⌀28.5mm (1.12")

Operating Surface

⌀20.00mm (0.79")