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CAT Level Measurement Device

The CAPTRON CAT Level Measurement Device suits every application. The CAT series can accommodate metal and non-metal tanks sustain environments up to 446° Fahrenheit and can be used with any kind of medium including liquid and non-liquid materials.


Supply voltage 20…30V DC
Output 4x PNP
Analogue + 3x PNP
Analogue + PNP
Mounting method screw mounting
Connection M12
Optical feedback LED bar
Measuring accuracy +/- 1% of the upper limit of the effective range
+/- 3% of the upper limit of the effective range
Operating temperature 0°C…+70°C
Housing material Aluminium (AL)
stainless steel (V4A)
Switch surface material Teflon (PTFE)


Instruction Videos

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Application Pictures