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Safe operation of machines and systems.

CAPTRON invented the first capacitive two-hand control touch buttons meeting the highest safety standards, including category (Cat. 4) and PL e to DIN EN ISO 13849-1 and OSHA (UL). The capacitive "safeCAP" two-hand safety control allows heavy machinery and systems in automated production plants, such as presses and punches, to be controlled safely and without pressure.

To start the machine the user simultaneously presses two touch buttons that are connected to a CAPTRON or third party safety relay. Incorrect or inattentive control using just one hand or with another part of the body is detected by the system and the machine will not start.

CAPTRON supplies the safeCAP two-hand control with additional safety elements such as a Protector, control panel for tabletop installation as well as cord sets. These combinations enhance protection.

Thanks to CAPTRON cutting edge technology, safeCAP can detect dirt, dust and/or other foreign substances while ensuring full operation. Our safeCAP touch switch can also be actuated using disposable or reusable protection gear such as work gloves.

Thanks to the capacitive technology and the use of high-quality components, CAPTRON's touch switches are designed to perform more than 100 million activation cycles and to survive even in the harshest environments.