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The SENSORswitch CHT9 is designed for adhesive mounting on single glass panels and other surfaces like metal. For installation on door entryways or windows, it is required to have a hole through the glass. The hygienic version, CHT9-G is installed on mounting supports and can be sealed with e.g. silicon to achieve a high hygienic level. The field of application extends from traffic engineering, building technology, automation industries, and many more.

The SENSORswitch is equipped with (optional) optical, acoustic, and/or tactile feedback via vibration. The quality build of the SENSORswitch allows for several million cycles of use while providing a future-proof design. The option for Braille or raised symbols at the outer ring is available for people with limited mobility.


Important Properties

  • Adhesive mounting
    No screws required.
  • Touch Control
    High ease of use, no mechanical pressure required.
  • Feedback
    Visual, tactile, and acoustic signals through 16 LEDs, vibration, and beeper.
  • Shock-resistant
    The sensor cannot be destroyed by lighter flames or severe blows.
  • 100 % water & oil-proof - IP69K
    Sensor completely sealed in cast resin.
  • Durable service life
    More than 100 million operation cycles (transistor output).
  • Hygiene-conform design (depends on model)
    Based on DIN EN 1672-1/2.
  • TSI-PRM certified (depends on model)
    By directive 1300/2014.