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CANEO series

Discover the new CANEO series10. The new HMI Standard of capacitive switches offers an innovative design with the option to freely configure all function parameters via IO-Link, which includes switch sensitivity, actuation types, the minimum actuation time and the fluorescent color.

As a result, CANEO series10 switches can be flexibly integrated into connected environments, offering major benefits for all HMI applications in industrial automation, mechanical engineering, robotics, and building technology industries.

CAPTRON has launched its new CANEO product family in two versions: the series10 touch Standard and the series10 touch Stainless Steel.

Thanks to its innovative lighting concept with 16 million fluorescent colors and customized symbols, the CANEO series10 offers even greater individuality.

The CAPTRON Sales Team provides you with personalized, competent consultation to ensure you get the best product and software configuration suited to your needs.