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Touch Buttons

Capacitive switches with touch sensor technology

The first capacitive switches with touch sensor technology from CAPTRON were used in 1994 for public transportation. Today, CAPTRON offers a wide range of capacitive SENSORswitches for various industries and applications where unconditional reliability, durability, comfort, and design are required.

In addition to a wear-free and maintenance-free electronics, the SENSORswitches have a very robust and vandal-proof design. Their 100% water-and oil-proof construction will resist even the most adverse environmental influences as well as industrial effects such as dirt, dust, and chemicals.

The versatility of SENSORswitches means that they can be used almost universally with different shapes, materials, connection types, installation types, installation depths, and specific standards and requirements.

If necessary, SENSORswitches from the standard range can be tailored and modified optically and technically to meet individual customer demands.

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      • CAPTRON-SENSORswitches-series10-Touch Hygienic
                  • Shock-resistant The sensor cannot be destroyed by lighter flames or severe blows
                  • Capacitive Touch: High ease of use, no mechanical pressure required
                  • 100 % water & oil-proof - IP69K Sensor completely sealed in cast resin
                  • Durable service life More than 100 million operation cycles (transistor output)