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About the Partner PORTAL

The CAPTRON Partner Portal was created for key suppliers, distributors and customers and offers the following features:

  • Track Inventory
  • See your Order Status live
  • Track shipping status
  • Get updated forecasts based on your frame orders

Features and functions do depend on your access privileges. If you have more questions about a specific feature or miss one of the above, you may contact your CAPTRON Associate at any time.

The Partner Portal is by invitation only. If you would like to join, please send us an email to with your full company and contact info, or call +1 (914) 619 5422.

How to connect to us

You have endless options to connect to us like IOS, Mac, Windows, and the web.

Below you find instruction for each platform:

  • The Web (Recommended)
    the easiest way to connect to us is through the web. Just follow this link and login with the user credentials provided.
  • IOS (Mobile App)
    You can download free versions of FileMaker on your Apple device by following the below links FilmakerPro App for IOS. After you have downloaded the App, you must add a new host. Please follow the instructions outlined in the below screenshots





CAPTRON Partner Portal for key suppliers, distributors and customers - My Apps Screen for FileMaker

Add a new host and enter the following URL

If you receive this message, simply cancel it.

Sign in as a guest

Double click the App

You should see following login screen

  • Download the latest version of FileMaker below. Please note that we do not provide you with a license that is required to use this app.FileMaker Pro Advanced. After you have downloaded ad installed the app, please follow the instructions below:


Select File - Host

Click the + Icon

Enter the URL as shown below

Select the Partner Portal App

Double Click the App to open the Partner Portal. you should now see the following login screen


Go to File _ Hosts

Click the + Icon

Enter the Login Credentials below

Sign in as a Guest

Double Click on the App