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Dear customer,

as you may have read in the media, scarcity on electronic parts and semiconductors is currently increasing drastically at a global level, with plenty of well-known manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Sony and BMW being forced to reduce their production due to a lack of electronic components.

We at CAPTRON see the global market for electronic components clearly heading towards a new phase of allocation. Our suppliers keep informing us about increasing component recovery times of up to 35 weeks and have started to postpone already confirmed delivery dates. CAPTRON initiated effective countermeasures very early by adjusting procurement processes and stock policies and parameters to secure critical material upfront. Nevertheless, considering this situation is affecting the entire electronics industry, it will in some cases affect our customer order leadtimes.

In order to effectively mitigate the impact of prolonged recovery times for electronic components, we need your support: Please check if you can place your orders as early as possible. This will extend our forward visibility and thereby help compensate the extended leadtimes for incoming material.

We at CAPTRON will do our utmost to support your success!

Thanks a lot for your understanding, and please stay healthy.


Yours sincerely,

Mathias Krostewitz

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