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HWT Series: stop request button


CAPTRON is a global pioneer in the development and production of capacitive stop request buttons for public and private transportation.

The maintenance and wear-free HWT series sensors ensure maximum reliability in continuous everyday use.

In addition to being user-friendly and vandal-proof, their innovative design ensures ease of use and is also available with raised symbols for the visually impaired in accordance with TSI PRM.

For greater individuality, HWT series stop request buttons can be tailored to customer requirements, both in terms of their looks and their functionality.

CAPTRON, the expert on innovative sensors and sensor systems.


Important Properties

  • Touch control
    High ease of use, no pressure required.
  • Durable service life
    Several 100 million switching cycles
  • Wide selection
    Of touch surfaces, housings and designs
  • Shock-resistant and vandal-proof
    The sensor cannot be destroyed by lighter flames or severe blows
  • Feedback
    Optical (16 LEDs), acoustic (signal tone) and tactile (vibration)
  • TSI-PRM certified
    According to Directive 2008/164/EC (depends on the model)
  • Accessible
    Braille and raised pictograms on the housing or button surface
  • Customized design
    Housing colors, pictograms, braille, and sequences (depends on the model)

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csm_CAPTRON-SENSORswitches-HWT2-series_8e8619c1b1 copy
  • Switching surface 16 cm²
  • Rod and Wall mounting
  • Barrier free and TSI-PRM conform
  • Optical and acousticcal feedback
  • No visible screws