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Dear valued Customers & Vendors,

Due to the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 we have taken precautious measures to ensure the safety & health of our employees and making sure we can keep our operations running for our customers and vendors.

Therefore, we have implemented the following measures with immediate effect:

The CAPTRON Electronic GmbH who is also responsible for the manufacturing of all CAPTRON products has divided all employees within Manufacturing, Operations, Quality & Logistics into Team A and Team B, while all other departments have been put into TEAM C.


The categorization into teams has an impact on working location & working hours and is determined to be as following:


  Monday – Wednesday Thursday – Saturday
TEAM A 8 am – 8 pm -
TEAM B - 8 am – 8 pm
TEAM C Moving everyone into the home office. The remaining staff which has to be onsite will be separated into different workspace, lavatories and cafeteria


These measures ensure a maximum capacity while keeping our employees and operations safe. However, there will be an impact on our production capabilities which are expected to be around 75% of our regular manufacturing capability.


CAPTRON North America LP has changed its operations to a remote environment. All phones have been forwarded to our employee’s home office. The hours of operation remain unchanged from 8 am to 5 pm EST. The physical flow of goods will continue through White Plains. An emergency logistics team will handle incoming and outgoing shipments 1-2 times per week, ensuring a continuous flow of goods. However, we kindly ask for your understanding that we cannot accommodate express shipments unless it is an emergency. Kindly consider this in your material planning and place orders with us in advance.


On this note, we also want to inform you that freight prices are rapidly increasing due to the cancellation of passenger flights and decreased capacity on freight planes. Even though we are trying our best to compensate for the increase in cost as much as possible, there will be an impact on our prices. You will be informed by our sales and operations team in a separate email in case you are affected.


Best Regards


Mathias Krostewitz
CEO & President