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The SENSORswitch CHT5 door control is the perfect choice for all manufacturers and operators of buses/trains that require a double-sided glass mounting unit. Thanks to capacitive technology, our CHT5 series can function through glass panels. This allows the switch to be mounted without the need for drilling a hole in the door pane.

The extremely large touch surface with Ø 63 mm is optimally illuminated by 16 radiant LEDs. For visually impaired people the colored SENSORswitch ring can be equipped with Braille and raised pictograms (according to TSI PRM).


Important Properties

  • Adhesive mounting
    No screws required.
  • Switching through single glass and direct touch
    No need to drill holes through the panes.
  • Two-sided control
    Suitable for both inside and outside.
  • Feedback
    Visual feedback through 16 LEDs.
  • Shock-resistant
    The sensor cannot be destroyed by lighter flames or severe blows.
  • 100 % water & oil-proof - IP69K
    The sensor is completely sealed in cast resin.
  • Durable service life
    More than 100 million operation cycles (transistor output).
  • Accessibility
    Braille and raised chevrons on the colored cover ring, 25 cm² operating surfaces.
  • TSI-PRM certified (depends on model)
    By directive 1300/2014.