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What is the CAPTRON Automated Payment Program (CAPP)?

The automated payment program from CAPTRON utilizes STRIPE as a payment gateway, allowing customers to pay for invoices automatically.

What are the BENEFITS?

  • If you are a customer currently set to pre-payment terms, you will receive up to a 30 day payment term (upon completion of the ACH application).
  • We will ship your products right away (if in stock) or start manufacturing right away in case the items are not currently in stock.
  • You will get automatically charged on the invoice due date and don't need to worry about sending us a check, paying by credit card and/or initiating a wire transfer.
  • This payment method does not incur any payment charges, so you will save credit card fees and/or wire transfer fees.

What are the requirements?

  • You need to have a US$ bank account within the United States of America
  • You need your bank account details including routing number, account number as well as the account holders name
  • You need access to the bank account in order to confirm the amount on the micro-deposits we will sent to you

How it works


You can apply by providing your bank account details using the ACH Form below.

Receive Deposits

You will receive 2 micro-deposits within the next 1-2 business days. Use the micro-deposit confirmation form to confirm them back to us.


You are all set!

Once we have received the micro-deposit amounts from you, we will send you a confirmation email (1-2 business days) from us confirming the completion of your application and new payment terms.

Pay automated

You will still receive each invoice via email. Whenever we charge an invoice, which will be on the due date, you will receive a payment notification including a payment receipt.


Please use a GENERIC department email address e.g.
Please enter the account holders name
Enter your bank accounts routing number. Please make sure you are providing the ACH routing number. you may find this on a companies cheque
Enter your acount number.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


If you have completed Part 1 of the application and received the two micro-deposits, please click here.