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From Experts For experts | Food & Beverage, Logistics & Supply Chain, Medical & Pharma

There are defined technical rules that must be followed in sensor technology. These are rules that make creating a product profile easier. If your search profile doesn’t match any of these rules, then we’re here to help. Our engineering team virtually always finds a solution to adapt sensor technology to the usage concept and to make commissions a success.

Our products’ success is based on the particular demands of our customers. Working hand-in-hand with you, we continue to develop our product range on an order-specific basis. In close collaboration with your engineers, technicians, project managers and architects, we create your ideal and unique application solution. Our sensor technology supports your success.

  • Food & Beverage

    Germs have no chance

    In food technology, hygiene is a top priority. Especially in all the processing steps.s.
  • Logistic & Supply Chain

    For more efficiency

    Shape your logistics and supply chain processes with capacitive sensor technology for more throughput, convenience and reliability.
  • Medical & Pharma

    For your health

    Our hygiene conforming and nearly touchless edition of our capacitive switches offer maximum reliability for medical, pharmaceutical, and food industry equipment.