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The largest online marketplace knows the future

Like many others, this online market place was working with a standard pick-to-light system which usually consists of a seven-segment or dot-matrix display and a mechanical activator to confirm the employees’ pick.

While the display and activator units are relatively inexpensive, the mounting support, as well as the wires and necessary software licenses and installations, make a pick-to-light system a major investment.

As pick-to-light systems offer a great advantage to their business model with an average increase in picker productivity from 20 percent to 50 percent beyond ordinary paper picking systems — it was an easy decision. Furthermore, the on-job training time, as well as false picking rates, could almost be eliminated — if installed correctly.

The issue with numerous calculations to define an accurate lifecycle for their product and the more specific meantime to failure rate fails to consider the ever-changing environment and its effects on the button such as:

  • Dust and mist.
  • Rough operation behavior through employees.
  • Changing temperatures within the operating environment.

To summarize it, the tests are rarely performed in a real-world environment — which results in misleading figures, in our customer's case a fraction of the calculated lifetime.

For more than 35 years, we have developed and perfected capacitive technology for both level measurement and activation sensors and offer a state-of-the-art and vandal-proof technology, offering more than 100 Mio. Activation cycles. The technology offers completely shock- and water-resistant products that work in extreme environments (0 to 122 Fahrenheit).

Therefore we have applied all our knowledge and experience gained over the years within industrial automation, traffic and transport, and building technology to develop a tailor-made solution for the material handling industry — the smartCAP.

smartCAP is virtually maintenance-free and can even deal with the toughest operator, requiring ‘just a simple touch’ rather than a mechanical operation.

smartCAP has been in operation for 2 years now and is continuing to grow by the day.

The main advantages of the product as reported by the customer are listed as:

  • Increased efficiency by another 13.5 percent (65 percent in total opposed to ordinary paper picking).
  • Zero failures in operation.
  • Open accessible interface.
  • Customizable through different light colors, animations, and different activation types.
  • Market leader in withstanding even the harshest environments.
  • Reduced learning curve and training.
  • ADA Compliant (serves color blind people).

Value for money is beyond everything known.

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