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CAPTRON is proud to introduce the safeCAP SC30 the successor to the successful safeCAP SC3.

The new safeCAP SC30 has PhotoMOS relays NO in the single channel version which can be used as a two-hand control in conjunction with the following relays: 3SK1 Advanced, 3RK3 MSS or Simatic F-CPU. The SC30 dual channel version NO / NC can be used with the MCR225 Relays as well as the PILZ PNOZ s6.

The optical feedback, via green LED, occurs during the operating state and once in a switched process the LED will change to yellow. The SC30 has a mounting diameter Ø 22.5 mm and an outer diameter of 54mm. Its compact design provides a space-saving mounting solution for quick installation onto existing operator controls. The capacitive technology allows users to activate the SC30 while wearing working gloves.

Additional safety elements such as the Protector or control desk can be used in modular form depending on the application. These combinations satisfy all the requirements for two-hand safety controls type III C to DIN EN 13851 due to the standard-compliant design. The safety functions comply with Category 4 and Pl e to DIN EN ISO 13849-1.

The SC30 series is used in industries with increased safety requirements and as two-hand controls.

CAPTRON can provide individual advice to enable you to choose the perfect product from the safeCAP series for the required specifications and applications. Contact us: CAPTRON service.

Important Properties

  • 100% Water and Oil Proof
    Fully sealed in casting resin, with a protection class of IP69K
  • Extremely long service life
    Over 100 million switching cycles
  • Impact-resistant – robust
    Protection rating IK08, cannot be destroyed by lighter flames and blows to the switch surface
  • Certified
    EN 13851, IEC 60947-5-1, EN ISO 13849-1, 2006/42/EC, CSA (ongoing)
  • Compatible with Siemens safety relay
    3SK1 Advanced, 3RK3 MSS, Simatic F-CPU 09
  • Touch sensor
    Maximum ease of use, effortless, no strain on wrists