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Slide // SENSITIVE OPERATION EVEN WITH GLOVES Absolute process competence in the dosing systems of bdtronic + More


Increasing scarcity of electronic component and its impact on order lead times

Dear customer, as you may have read in the media, scarcity on electronic parts and semiconductors is currently increasing drastically at a global level, with plenty of well-known manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Sony and BMW being forced to reduce their production due to a lack of electronic components. We at CAPTRON see the global market…

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Customer Service Specialist (f/m)

For our North American headquarter in White Plains, NY, we are looking for a highly motivated individual to support our Sales and Operations Team with their day to day tasks. \

As an ideal candidate you have experience in selling technical products over the phone and a strong focus on customer satisfaction. You have excellent speaking & listening skills and the ability to engage prospects over the phone.

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Product Explained: A Truly Programmable Smart sensorSWITCH

Capacitive switches provide many benefits in control systems for industrial automation and process engineering as described in a previous article.  But the biggest challenge today is when switches in-situ perform only the specific functions they are designed for and can’t easily be adapted when a production line needs to be repurposed or modified in order…

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